Want to learn what you can do for and on #Giving Tuesday?

Start planning now and check out our tips below:

  • Fund what matters to you!
  • Make care packages to send to overseas or sandwiches for a local shelter.
  • Find local volunteering opportunities.
  • Organise a volunteer day with friends or at work.
  • Hold a garage sale and donate the proceeds to an NFP or donate your items!
  • Donate blood! Visit the Red Cross to find out how and where you can – donate.
  • Learn alternative ways on how to give
  • Become a Social Media Ambassador

Tell people how you’ll be getting involved through social media!

Support your campaign with an #UNselfie

The #UNselfie, or the selfless selfie, is a powerful way to show how you are giving and why giving is important to you. How do I #Unselfie? Take a “selfie” with a caption (or have it on a card in the picture) explaining how or why you and/or your friends are “giving” this year. Always use the hashtags#UNselfie, #GivingTuesday and #GivingTuesdayAus Post it to Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter and share with friends! #Download the UNselfie... read more

Inspiring ideas for #GivingTuesday 2016

Below are some examples of ways your organization can activate on #GivingTuesday in 2016: Raise Funds Donate or organize a fundraiser for a nonprofit and leverage #GivingTuesday. Experiment with creative approaches to expand your donor base and to raise more for charities around the world. Launch a campaign on #GivingTuesday to increase donations through the end of the year. Partner with a donor or sponsor to host a matching grant challenge for #GivingTuesday. This could be a 24-hour challenge, it could lead up to #GivingTuesday, or could launch on #GivingTuesday and run through December 31 Volunteer Volunteer at a charity or organize a larger team volunteer event with your friends, staff, and neighbors. • Donate pro bono hours to help charities in need of your skills. Organize a donation drive for people to donate goods, clothing, and other items for people in need. Collaborate Partner with local organizations to give a donation (money, goods, or services) to nonprofits. Ask organizations to work together to build a local #GivingTuesday movement. In 2015, over 50 cities and states led their own #GivingTuesday movements to benefit local nonprofits. ‘Create a #GivingTuesday product to sell during Black Friday and Cyber Monday and donate proceeds to a partnering charity on #GivingTuesday Get your local government officials to proclaim November 29, 2016 #GivingTuesday in your city or town. Make this a big press moment and bring the community together to celebrate generosity. Get Social • Activate your social media constituency (or open a new social media account) to talk about giving. Celebrate community heroes and service leaders on social media and with your local press.... read more

Take #GivingTuesday to the next level with an #UNselfie!

Take #GivingTuesday to the next level by making it an all-year activity.  http://unselfie.org.au/ gives links and guides for how to get involved over Christmas and in 2015.  Let’s make a difference to the world in 2015! How’s this for a picture of the world today?  2013 saw the word ‘selfie’ added to the Oxford English Dictionary, based on its widespread common usage.  We are aiming to turn that trend, and let’s instead start sharing #UNSELFIE photos!   Pick a cause that means much to you, turn your camera around, and share a photo of the cause doing its amazing work.  Or, hold up an inspiring message you’ve written about that charity, photograph yourself, and share it with the hashtag #unselfie.  And #givingtuesday is the perfect day to start. The first Tuesday in December has been tagged #givingtuesday, as a day set aside to remind us to give back, be kind, volunteer for a local charity or donate and share to a local cause. Over 8,000 charities, corporations and politicians all over the world have come together on this day to celebrate the idea of giving back, and have continued that into 2014 with the ongoing movement #unselfie.   This year #givingtuesday is going to be huge.  We want you to be part of it, and share the word that unselfishness is so much more important than sharing a #selfie, means so much more to the world than just day-to-day looking after ourselves.  It means being part of our community; being part of your families; being part of contributing; being part of something bigger and something that is changing the world. Head to... read more

Support #GivingTuesday by taking an #unselfie #selfie!

Join in the social media action with your very own #UNselfie! A #UNselfie is an unselfish or selfless #selfie. Take a photo of someone or something that represents giving to you and upload to your social media platform of choice, whether it be Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter via hashtag #unselfie and #givingtuesday. Want to share more of the #GivingTuesday spirit? Join in sharing your “I’m giving because-…” sign by making a simple card or piece of paper that says “I’m giving because-“ and add your reason for giving this season. Every action YOU take shows why giving is important and helps others to join in the spirit of giving! Just upload your picture of your “I’m giving because-“ sign to any and all of your social media platforms using hashtag #unselfie and #givingtuesday. Tell your friends, family, and even show how your pet is participating in #GivingTuesday too! For more information on the #UNselfie go to our toolkit for more tips and tricks: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bw8XVee5EfGiU0dEU1hYQzNNMXc/edit We are excited to see YOUR #UNselfie and share why you are a “giver” and participating in this inspiring movement uniting givers around the world! Want to find out more about #UNSelfie’s? Download the toolkit now! (To download, simply click on the Slide share logo on the bottom of the slideshow, you will go to the Slideshare website – click on the download button at the top!) U nselfie toolkit from Connecting... read more

10 ways to use Instagram for #GivingTuesday

We’re just days away from #GivingTuesday 2013 and we’ve been checking out Instagram to see how people are using this visual social network to get behind the day and their favourite organisations. Instagram has been a huge hit with people who love to take photos and share short videos with their friends. There are also a lot of people using it who are supporting #GivingTuesday in their own way by posting messages about the causes they care about. Are you on Instagram? Use the #GivingTuesday hashtag and share with your friends why you’re giving back on 3 December. #Stormerboys talk about what they think “giving” is. This is how THEY chose to use the #UNselfie. #GivingTuesday #kids #philanthrotots #philanthropy #youth #charity #socialgood “I will donate my playstation to a children’s hospital” #givingtuesday” “Jump on the #unselfie bandwagon for #GivingTuesday this year. Upload YOUR selfie and why you are planning on giving this year. #selfie #unselfishselfie #GT” Why I #volunteer with @girlguidesofcan #givingtuesday I’m part of #GivingTuesday to help animals like my Stormy. What’s your reason? #unselfie #crazycatlady #catsofinstagramFollow What I’m thankful for… #thankful #givingtuesday These adorable reindeer made by Owen will available as thank you gifts on #givingtuesday for Project Playground Ellen, Jessica & Catalina from Children’s Services support the hospital because “Our coworkers make a difference!” #UNSelfie #GivingTuesdayFollow Rose has let us know how she intends to give on December 3 #givingtuesday – join the movement and support women and girls! #giving #unwomen #everydayhero #unitednations Henry Timms, Interim Executive Director of 92Y and Founder of... read more

6 easy fundraising platform to support your favorite cause for #GivingTuesday

December 3 is coming soon! it’s time for us to join the global #GivingTuesday movement and show the world how Australians give back! Check out what our Fundraising Partner are up to for this giving day! 1) Everyday hero Everyday Hero allows individuals to fundraise for the causes they love by providing them a platform to set goals and encourage their friends to support them. Check out their dedicated page for #GivingTuesday and make a donation for your favorite cause! Do you want to win a $50 donation for your favourite cause? Upload an image of yourself holding a poster that shows what you will give  (or simply tell ) on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook (Don’t forget to include #GivingTuesday and tag Everyday Hero!) You also have the chance to win an iPad mini if you join their Thunderclap! Plus, they’re running a competition for charities to win a $300 donation. 2) GoFundraise GoFundraise also offers a peer-to-peer option for fundraising for a cause Choose a charity or cause to support Find a cause and start fundraising for free and use your social network to help you fundraise Take part to an existing event or create your own 3) StartSomeGood StartSomeGood are a crowdfunding platform for anyone with a project that’s for social good. Useful platform to: Find and support a project that you want to support Build your campaign on a cause your care, promote it and grow your community 4) Chuffed Chuffed is a not-for-profit crowd funding platform that supports other not-for-profits. Useful crowdfunding platform for: Supporting not-for-profit projects Creating projects and rallying supporters for your not-for-profit... read more

5 simple ways to support your favourite cause for #GivingTuesday

On 3 December, we’re encouraging community groups and people around Australia to celebrate a day of Giving. It’s time for us to join the global #GivingTuesday movement and show the world how Australians give back! Here  we propose you 10 easy ways of giving. 1) Home treasure hunt! Look in your closets at home …kitchen tools, dishes, towels and sheets, toys, books, school supplies, clothes shoes. Collect what is not being used, what hasn’t been used in a long time, and the extras you have, and donate to a charity. Be creative like our partner Yelp. They’re running a “Giving Shoes Day” where people can join their event by donating a used (But not abused pair of shoes). Thanks to Beth Teitelman and Fretta Reitzes from 92Y for this one from their ideas for families. 2) Give up something like a coffee or a dinner out and donate to help people. While some of us feel like we need that next coffee, those few dollars could help someone in need. This #GivingTuesday, why not give up one of the little luxuries and donate the money to help others. Shout for Good have an app that lets you send the cost of a coffee to help others. Street Smart Australia‘s Dine Smart event will donate $2 to every dinner at a participating restaurant. 3) Buy a gift that ‘gives back’ Think differently about your shopping in December and look for gifts that keep on giving. There are plenty of options out there from gift cards that donate the cost of a school to a village to clothing that’s been made ethically. Check out our... read more

WATCH: Discover your social change story for successful fundraising

Social change crowdfunding is fundamentally about storytelling. This session will help you identify your social change story and how this can be a tool for engaging with supporters and rallying your community. The session will also explore several case studies of both successful and unsuccessful social change crowdfunding campaigns. About Natasha Akib Natasha Akib is the Community Builder at StartSomeGood.com – the crowdfunding platform for social change projects. She is passionate about empowering people and communities to use media and turn ideas into positive action and worked with socially conscious change organisations including in Bhutan at one of the country’s first independent newspapers, in New Orleans at the Social Change Film Festival and also in Australia as Editor of... read more

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