Show how your business can give back by supporting a not-for-profit and becoming an official partner of #GivingTuesday in Australia.

Run a morning tea, volunteer for the day, match donations – it’s up to you to show how you support the fantastic NFP sector.

To get involved:

  • Find a not-for-profit to support
  • Sign up as a #GivingTuesday Australia partner
  • Register how your business is supporting your not-for-profit of choice
  • Spread the word and get your staff involved
  • If they haven’t already, ask your not-for-profit to register as well!

Support your campaign with an #UNselfie

The #UNselfie, or the selfless selfie, is a powerful way to show how you are giving and why giving is important to you. How do I #Unselfie? Take a “selfie” with a caption (or have it on a card in the picture) explaining how or why you and/or your friends are “giving” this year. Always use the hashtags#UNselfie, #GivingTuesday and #GivingTuesdayAus Post it to Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter and share with friends! #Download the UNselfie... read more

Inspiring ideas for #GivingTuesday 2016

Below are some examples of ways your organization can activate on #GivingTuesday in 2016: Raise Funds Donate or organize a fundraiser for a nonprofit and leverage #GivingTuesday. Experiment with creative approaches to expand your donor base and to raise more for charities around the world. Launch a campaign on #GivingTuesday to increase donations through the end of the year. Partner with a donor or sponsor to host a matching grant challenge for #GivingTuesday. This could be a 24-hour challenge, it could lead up to #GivingTuesday, or could launch on #GivingTuesday and run through December 31 Volunteer Volunteer at a charity or organize a larger team volunteer event with your friends, staff, and neighbors. • Donate pro bono hours to help charities in need of your skills. Organize a donation drive for people to donate goods, clothing, and other items for people in need. Collaborate Partner with local organizations to give a donation (money, goods, or services) to nonprofits. Ask organizations to work together to build a local #GivingTuesday movement. In 2015, over 50 cities and states led their own #GivingTuesday movements to benefit local nonprofits. ‘Create a #GivingTuesday product to sell during Black Friday and Cyber Monday and donate proceeds to a partnering charity on #GivingTuesday Get your local government officials to proclaim November 29, 2016 #GivingTuesday in your city or town. Make this a big press moment and bring the community together to celebrate generosity. Get Social • Activate your social media constituency (or open a new social media account) to talk about giving. Celebrate community heroes and service leaders on social media and with your local press.... read more

Support #GivingTuesday by taking an #unselfie #selfie!

Join in the social media action with your very own #UNselfie! A #UNselfie is an unselfish or selfless #selfie. Take a photo of someone or something that represents giving to you and upload to your social media platform of choice, whether it be Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter via hashtag #unselfie and #givingtuesday. Want to share more of the #GivingTuesday spirit? Join in sharing your “I’m giving because-…” sign by making a simple card or piece of paper that says “I’m giving because-“ and add your reason for giving this season. Every action YOU take shows why giving is important and helps others to join in the spirit of giving! Just upload your picture of your “I’m giving because-“ sign to any and all of your social media platforms using hashtag #unselfie and #givingtuesday. Tell your friends, family, and even show how your pet is participating in #GivingTuesday too! For more information on the #UNselfie go to our toolkit for more tips and tricks: We are excited to see YOUR #UNselfie and share why you are a “giver” and participating in this inspiring movement uniting givers around the world! Want to find out more about #UNSelfie’s? Download the toolkit now! (To download, simply click on the Slide share logo on the bottom of the slideshow, you will go to the Slideshare website – click on the download button at the top!) U nselfie toolkit from Connecting... read more

Digital Storytelling Tips for #GivingTuesday

3 of December  is coming soon! It’s time to share your story for #GivingTuesday and show the world how Australians give back! Digital storytelling by combines narrative with digital content and can help you to engage with your audience and involve your community through the journey of #GivingTuesday. Here’s some information, your organisation can use to learn more about it. Simple tips to use digital storytelling for #GivingTuesday event Promote your giving story and ask your community to spread the word about what you’re doing Ask people to post video or short videot on what #GivingTuesday and giving means to them Create a video of your community and allow Facebook fans to tag themselves on your Facebook Page Also check out some more ideas on, using social media as part of your using digital storytelling campaign Some examples of video of not-for-profit organisation Looking for inspiration? Here are some example of videos of not-for-profits using digital storytelling. Don’t be afraid to have fun and be creative to celebrate #GivingTuesday. CARE is a leading humanitarian organisation fighting global poverty. In this humorous, creative video  CARE US show us how it feels good to give back for #GivingTuesday. SocialGoodNetwork is a company which develops online and mobile fundraising solutions that increase engagement and giving. Check out  Mark’s video  an employee of SocialGoodNetwork who celebrates #GivingTuesday through a personal Gangnam Style dance. Let‘s get started! 7 easy digital storytelling tools Don’ t hesitate to share your stories online. Dedicated video sites like YouTube and Vimeo are a great free option. Look bellow for more advice about various software available to help with your story. 1) Animoto Is an... read more

WATCH: Best practices for engaging your local media

Do you have a great story to tell about your #GivingTuesday initiative? Learn how to engage local journalists and media outlets to help get the word out there. Leila Henderson, CEO, Newsmaker will share her years of experience in working in Australian media as a journalist, author and social media entrepreneur to help you give your #GivingTuesday story wings. In this webinar, Leila shares: What the role of PR is How to engage people on social media to create a ripple effect How to write a press release with a tried and true template About Leila Henderson Leila Henderson is a journalist turned social media entrepreneur who has developed unique systems that bridge the gap between PR and social media marketing. The NewsMaker software platform is used by more than 8,000 PR and marketing executives for press release distribution and social media marketing. Leila also coaches other entrepreneurs and organisations in the use of social media, from policy through to measurement. She believes in the power of words and effective communication to influence hearts and minds. A former News Limited Business & Technology journalist, PR advisor to IBM Australia, and agency owner, she has worked across a wide variety of media over her career, from the Australian Women’s Weekly under Ita Buttrose, to Reader’s Digest, to The Australian newspaper. She is the founder of the LinkedIn group “Social Media Australia” and a well established business author, with over 20 books to her... read more

Best practice for #GivingTuesday on Facebook

Push your #GivingTuesday event on Facebook to get more people involved on the 3 December! We put a few easy tips for you together, which will help to promote your event and achieve the goals you set for your good cause! Use the Hashtag Hashtags are a great way of connecting many people of the same interest. By using #GivingTuesday users will be able to click on it and see more great ideas and events around the day of giving. Mark every post on Facebook and Instagram with: #givingtuesday Whether you’re posting a photo, a video or a simple status update, don’t forget to include this hashtag This lets people join and follow the conversation about Giving Tuesday Click on the hashtag to see more great causes and get inspired by other Giving Tuesday partners         Notify Fans Post content ahead of time, and regularly, regarding your specific Giving Tuesday campaign. This gives people time to join your campaign. Introduce GivingTuesday to tour fans Tell them about your very own GivingTuesday event and how they can participate Include a link to the GivingTuesday Partners website to see details about your good cause Post maybe once a week something about your GivingTuesday event to remind people to take part   Do Facebook Q&As Do Facebook Q&As with public figures who supports your cause or someone from the office to give the campaign a personal face. Have someone well-known by the public host a Q&A, either on their Facebook page or your non-for-profit’s page, focused around your Giving Tuesday campaign You can also take an employee or volunteer to answer the fans... read more

WATCH: Simple social media and digital storytelling

Your #GivingTuesday initiative doesn’t need to be complicated. Here are a few more ideas on using multimedia and your social networks as part of your campaign. Don’t have time to watch the whole webinar presented by Connecting Up? Here’s what we go through: Facebook: Ask your community to provide a photo about why they give in the lead up to #GivingTuesday and create an album with their photos on 3 December. Pinterest: Create a board showing your impact or create a group board and ask your Pinterest followers to contribute Twitter: Ask your followers to share what giving means to them and turn them into images and share them on 3 December (maybe even through Facebook or Pinterest! ) Animoto: Get a free Pro account with Animoto and create a short video that shows off all the contributions from your... read more

Tips for Corporate Engagement for #GivingTuesday

Looking for ways to get your company or business involved in #GivingTuesday? CECP have compiled a number of simple ways that your company can participate.  #GivingTuesday provides an opportunity for a company to share the good news of its program’s accomplishments year round and communicate its values. Think of #GivingTuesday as a way to make progress toward a goal you already have, and join in on the natural energy and momentum of the day. Any act of good counts; the power in it is the collection of good deeds on this one day. This will look different for every company; what works for one company is not necessarily right for your company. The audience may be internal or external: a platform to connect with your employees, customers, or the general public. Be nimble and open; there’s no need to over-complicate the way your company joins in. If you joined #GivingTuesday last year, stretch a little. If you’re new to #GivingTuesday, try it out! #GivingTuesday proved itself last year; there were more than 2,500 recognised #GivingTuesday partners! Here are some specific ways to celebrate: CEO Leadership Have your CEO or other corporate leaders: Meet with the head of one of your grantee organizations to discuss goals, and announce a new commitment. Remind employees of your matching policy and encourage them to make a gift on #GivingTuesday. Announce a commitment on #GivingTuesday. If you’ve got a bold plan in the works, perhaps hold it and announce it on the day. Ask employees to tweet their favorite company-sponsored volunteer moment of the year. Share with employees results from philanthropic and/or volunteer initiatives from the... read more

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